Cybersecurity is one of the greatest challenges our modern society faces and requires a coordinated approach to succeed. Under OASIS leadership, we see an opportunity to better organize the good guys to fight cybercriminals by sharing cyber threat intelligence data in an automated and efficient data standard.

— Peter Allor, Senior Security Strategist, IBM

OASIS TC members act like extra QA resources for one another. We put our products together and shake out incompatibility issues. Finding those before we ship is invaluable.

— Jay Brown, Senior Software Engineer, IBM

One thing that makes OASIS stand out is its openness. It’s not just that the standards are open and freely available in perpetuity, but also that the whole process is open.

— Peter Brown, Independent Consultant

As a Sponsor of the OASIS CTI Technical Committee, we are delighted to be at the forefront of advancing critically important standards like STIX, TAXII and CybOX. By creating protocols that address how to best model, analyze, and share cyber threat intelligence, we can provide greater support to overwhelmed security professionals.

— John Bruce, Chairman and CEO, Resilient Systems

Soltra is proud to be a member of the OASIS CTI Technical Committee. Our threat information sharing solution, Soltra Edge, was built leveraging STIX, TAXII, and Cybox – key standards within the industry. We look forward to contributing to CTI as we continue to establish and maintain open standards, while improving cyber security capabilities and reducing workload.

— Aharon Chernin, CTO, Soltra, a DTCC and FS-ISAC Company

Open standards and community sharing are vital components of a successful and effective fight against cybercrime. Our goal is to make Threat Intelligence, from a variety of sources, timely and actionable.

— Dorit Dor, VP, Products, Check Point

Focusing on standardizing threat intelligence technologies to keep sensitive government and corporate information secure is paramount to the mission of OASIS and its members. At ViaSat, we take a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, from identifying potential cyber and physical security vulnerabilities to designing and implementing a plan that leverages big data analytics, intuitive visualization and intelligent automation to keep pace with evolving threats no matter where data resides on the network or how it is accessed.

— Jerry Goodwin, VP, Secure Network Systems, ViaSat

iSIGHT Partners, creator of the commercial cyber threat intelligence category, understands how security organizations can gain the advantage over adversaries by using threat intelligence across their security and risk management program. As an early contributor and enabler of STIX, we welcome the opportunity to join with OASIS to further develop CTI standards and accelerate the adoption of context rich threat intelligence.

— Robert Huber, VP Community, iSight Partners

At OASIS, you don't have to be a large vendor to influence work. Of all the standards bodies we’ve participated in, OASIS is the only one we recommend with no hesitation. It is a group that simply works.

— Tim Hudson, Technical Director, Cryptsoft Pty Ltd

We are proud to support the work OASIS is doing to advance their cybersecurity specifications and promote information sharing, a critical factor in today's security posture. By sharing details about malicious incidents quickly, not only between the public and private sectors, but across industry lines within the private sector as well,  we can work together to better defend ourselves and stay ahead of the hackers.

— Paul Kurtz, Founder and CEO, TruSTAR Technology