Policies and Guidelines

Policies Referenced in OASIS Membership Agreement

The following OASIS documents, approved by the Board of Directors, are referenced as a part of the terms and conditions of the OASIS Membership Agreement.

Defining the OASIS Antitrust Guidelines
Describing the governance policies and procedures for the Consortium
Governing the treatment of intellectual property in the production of specifications and other works by OASIS

Other OASIS Policies and Guidelines

Documenting procedures under which the OASIS Board operates
Detailing the creation and publication of official Consortium documents that describe implementation experiences involving OASIS Standards or specifications
Governing disclosure and conduct of Board members, corporate officers, or any persons with financial interest in proposed OASIS transactions or arrangements
Providing rules and best practice guidance for specification design, including: filenames, URIs, namespace URIs, namespace documents, version identifiers, and metadata
Describing OASIS operational requirements for retaining documents and secure destruction of documents.
Defining corporate and legal infrastructure and fiscal agency services that allows groups to form and run their own Foundations
Governing the use of GitHub repositories by TCs for chartered technical work
Providing guidelines on how to write Conformance statements for OASIS specifications
Governing the operational procedures taken to securely store OASIS Member and OASIS Employee personal Information and the requirements for reporting any security breach.
Governing participation in public interoperability demonstrations that showcase multi-vendor implementations of approved OASIS work
Describing best practices for writing specifications, so that the risk of having interoperability (or portability) failures between implementations is reduced
Describing the process by which implementers may seek interpretation of OASIS Standards
Describing best practices in using RFC2119 or ISO keywords when writing specifications
Governing formal liaison relationships between OASIS and other organizations
OASIS Technical Committees considering submitting their Standards for consideration for American National Standard (ANS) status must comply with these requirements in order for their work to be eligible for ANS submission under the Liaison Policy.
Describing the range of OASIS mailing lists, instructions for their use, and the policies that govern their operation and archives
Governing communications with the media on OASIS work
Defining the types of activities that can be conducted within an OASIS Member Section
Defining common rules applying to any committee operating at OASIS.
Defining terms that carry specific meaning when used in OASIS policy and rule documents.
Governing the OASIS Open Project Process
Describing the role of strategic advisors for the OASIS Open Projects program
Supporting the development of open source resources related to OASIS Technical Committee work through community contributions to GitHub public repositories
Describing OASIS practices and your rights regarding personal information use and webcookies.
Governing the OASIS Technical Committee Process
Governing the use of OASIS marks and copyrights
Governing language translations of OASIS Standards, specifications, and documents
Providing instruction and protection for individuals who make allegations regarding potentially illegal or inappropriate conduct within OASIS